12 Ways To Become A Mentally Stronger Person

Get a plan. (Plans fix problems.)

1. Get a plan. (Plans fix problems.)

2. Humble yourself. (It’s not all about you.)

3. Ask for help. (You’re not supposed to know everything.)

4. Know what you don’t know. (Stop false dichotomous thinking.)

5. Stop trying to be psychic. (This is a cognitive distortion.)

6. Take responsibility for your outcomes. (Yes, all of them.)

7. Learn how to feel better. (Learn how to process complex emotions.)

8. Forget what happened. (How will you make it right?)

9. Talk it out. (Things are often more complicated in your head.)

10. Take your time. (You don’t need to figure everything out right now.)

11. Take triggers as signals. (Your wounds need your attention.)

12. Honor your discomfort. (It’s trying to tell you something.)

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