13 Things You Need To Stop Doing If You Truly Want To Move Your Life Forward

Stop confusing maximum output with maximum potential.

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1. Stop waiting for perfect circumstances.

You have to start now. You have to adapt here. You have to do what you can with what you have.

2. Stop confusing your maximum output with your maximum potential.

Your maximum potential is creating a life that is peaceful and meaningful to you. It is doing less, but better.

3. Stop spending your peak hours on things you don’t care about.

The way you use your energy each day plants the seeds of the harvest you’ll reap in the future.

4. Stop only seeing your life through other people’s eyes.

5. Stop believing that timing is everything.

There is no perfect timing, there is just time, and what we do with how much we are given.

6. Stop changing course so often.

Sometimes, we change course to get back on track. More often, we amend our approach because we’re afraid to really begin.

7. Stop thinking you’re so out of the ordinary.

8. Stop thinking short-term.

It’s not just what would feel good now, but also what you’ll thank yourself for later.

9. Stop assuming you always know best.

The truth is that we can’t always predict what will make us happy, because what we can imagine is only what we’ve already known.

10. Stop underestimating the power of inner work.

11. Stop playing down your dreams.

12. Stop avoiding your discomfort.

13. Stop thinking that the worst possible outcome is you making a wrong choice.

There are very few choices in life that we can’t amend or at least adjust as we go on. The world does not punish us for choosing one thing over another, we punish ourselves out of fear and desire to conform.

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