21 Mind Tips And Hacks That Will Make You More Productive, Likable & Confident

Don’t let your ego eclipse your potential.

1. Think astronomically.

2. Create choices.

3. Seek out reasons to feel good about yourself.

4. Ask more questions about other people than you answer about yourself.

5. Affirm, then act.

6. Use the power of your voice.

7. Reflect on your past and identify the faults in your thinking.

8. Understand your strongest motivations.

9. Reconnect with your personal power.

10. Interrogate your emotions.

11. Interrogate your beliefs.

12. Live beneath your means.

13. Open multiple income streams.

14. Remember the Pareto principle.

15. Remember that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

16. Figure out your non-negotiables.

17. Try a minimalist mindset.

18. Forgive yourself.

19. Don’t let your ego eclipse your potential.

20. Identify your final destination.

21. Build the ladder.

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