When you are ready to step forward, the road will rise to meet you.

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If you’re waiting for the perfect time to start the business, fall in love, make the move, or change your life, you should stop, because what you’re waiting for doesn’t exist.

The time becomes the right time when you are ready for it to be right.

We often spend so many years waiting for the most opportune moment to act and are disappointed to find that it never comes.

It is never going to be the right time to do anything that disrupts your current life. There’s never going to be the perfect time to fall in love, change jobs, start a new business, become a parent, or move to a new place. That’s because every single one of these things come with so much change, so much discomfort, and so much unknownness, there is no way to really be ready unless you just begin.

You get a glimpse of a better path.

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Positive change is often planted in seeds that feel more uncertain, fearful and anxious than anything else.

This isn’t because life is always unfair and all goodness must be balanced out by bad, but simply because we often don’t think to change our lives until change is the only option we have.

We are hardwired for homeostasis.

We are designed to remain in comfort, which is just familiarity.

It isn’t always what’s best for us, and deep down, we know that at some level. …

Reactions are the choices you don’t realize you’re making.

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Parts of the script are already written.

There are some facts of your life that will always be the facts of your life.

There are some facts of each day that will always be the facts of each day.

When we feel most stuck and helpless, it’s because we’ve bought into the idea that our choices, and choices alone, determine the outcomes of our lives. …


Brianna Wiest

Writer. For my books and coaching sessions, visit www.briannawiest.com, or reach me here: info@briannawiest.com.

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