‘Adjustment Shock’ Is Why Anxiety Spikes After A Big Life Achievement

What are the signs of adjustment shock?

Adjustment shock can manifest as simply an increase in anxiety or irritability.

  • Adjustment shock can bring to light unconscious attachments and beliefs. If you are someone who was raised to think that wealthy people are morally corrupt, you are going to resist having more money. If you wanted to be famous to be more loved, you are going to resist public success, because “famous” people are often more criticized and disliked than the average person.
  • Adjustment shock can bring feelings of intense fear. This is because when we attain something we very much care about or have worked toward for a long time, our instinct can be to shield ourselves from the potential loss of it by putting up walls and desensitizing ourselves to the experience.

“We often resist most deeply the things that we want most.”

This is because of adjustment shock, though we don’t always know that’s what’s causing the resistance.

How do I overcome adjustment shock?

When something very positive happens in your life, you are going to have to adjust your mindset about other things in order to create alignment and a new, more accurate, and sustainable perspective.

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