The Universe Isn’t Making You Wait For What’s Yours

You are becoming the person who can finally take the leap.

The world isn’t withholding your future from you. The universe doesn’t delay. There are no purgatories in life, no waiting periods.

There is only the space between realizing where you’re meant to be and feeling you’re ready to go there. This is where you phase out of denial, release the anchors, the attachments, the false beliefs. This is not punishment for being unfinished, it’s a sacred part of your journey.

You are not stuck.

You are just becoming the person who can finally take the leap.

Your life is a self-paced journey.

You are where you are because you feel it’s where you need to be.

This realization shouldn’t be an impetus to pressure yourself into learning faster, self-developing at your maximum possible speed. The point isn’t just that you wake up and realize you are the only person delaying the progress of your dreams, but that you realize there’s a really important reason why.

You are not staying still because you want to deny yourself.

You are staying still because you care so much about what’s next, you want to make sure that the right version of yourself shows up to the day you meet your soulmate, board the flight, scale the business, write the book.

You need to become the person who can handle the new life you asked for.

While most of this happens subconsciously, the result is something we’re often very aware of. That mild discomfort you always feel, that resistance, that subtle nudge that something isn’t quite right, that you’re meant for more— that’s real. You’re right. There is more. You just aren’t ready for it yet. Not by someone else’s subjective measure, but your own.

The reason why you are keeping yourself where you’re at is that there’s more you need to release, more you need to process, more you need to detach from. There are beliefs about yourself you need to rectify, small aspects of your personality you need to slowly shift into alignment. There are elements of your life as it exists that need to be developed, others that need to be transformed, and others that need to be let go of altogether.

You are not in a waiting period, you are in a prep period.

The universe didn’t put you there, you put yourself there.

Because one day, it will be the day. It will be the day to begin, to move, to leap with arms wide open. It is coming, it is on the horizon, and it’s approaching far more rapidly than you might think.

You can take all the time you need. You cannot pass the exit, you’re mapping the path. You cannot miss the bus, you’re driving the bus.

There is no “right time,” there is just time, and what we do with it.

If you wanted to leave today, you could.

If you wanted to start today, you could.

If you wanted to move today, you could.

Anything is possible, and everything will be.

You must stop thinking within the time brackets that you’ve constructed in your mind, pieced together by fear, by expectation, by the slow realization that your life is rapidly ascending, and you might not be ready for how fast it all turns around.

You must start realizing that the universe is not making you wait, you are making yourself wait until you feel ready to step forward.

The moment you asked for better, you began to receive better.

The time it takes to make what it manifest is chosen by you and you alone.

Please give yourself space if you need time to breathe, to heal, to let go so you can get stronger, get clearer, and move on. You aren’t where you are because you don’t like yourself enough to embrace your most desired future, but because you love yourself enough to wrap up the loose ends, learn what you need to learn, see what you need to see, and move on when you’re ready.

There’s no “right experience,” there’s just experience, and what we choose to do with it.

Not every moment can be a peak.

If you’re in a valley, keep walking.

Your destination is just ahead.

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